CNSDose incorporates best in class neuroscience and genomic insights as evidenced by leading clinical trials and peer review studies.

Learn about the liver enzyme, blood brain barrier
Precision Medicine
CNSDose is a pharmacogenomic test that analyses 15 genes to help guide medication selection and dosage decisions.

Blood-Brain Barrier

Leading blood-brain barrier knowledge

CNSDose was developed in response to the need of clinicians specialising in Psychiatry and general practice.

The blood-brain barrier is a filtering system of the small blood vessels that carry blood to the brain and spinal cord tissue, blocking the passage of certain substances, including medications.

CNSDose has a world-leading understanding of how genetics influence this system. More specifically, CNSDose has an advanced understanding of the genetics of the ABC transporter pumps.

Leading blood-brain barrier knowledge

Evidence Based

Randomised controlled trial

CNSDose had the first positive clinical trial for antidepressant treatment. Evidence indicates our gene-guided treatment can double the likelihood of recovery when compared to conventional prescribing, as CNSDose provides both medication avoidance alerts and dose predictions.

CNSDose, randomised controlled trial

Co-Occurring Conditions

Managing co-occurring chronic conditions

Depression is commonly associated with chronic disease.

Individuals diagnosed with common chronic conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and pain disorders are at increased risk of developing depression.

CNSDose provides genetic guidance to assist in medication selection for these co-occurring chronic conditions.

Managing co-occurring chronic conditions