Finding the right antidepressant.

World first understanding of how antidepressants reach the brain.

With advanced gene testing, we've figured out how readily antidepressants reach the brain.
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Clinical evidence.

We have the first positive RCT clinical trial. Evidence indicates gene guided treatment can double your odds of recovery.
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Read the concordance study showing CNSDose has over 85% accuracy.
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Latest News.

Antidepressant Pharmacogenetics

The focus of this year’s World Health Organisation (WHO) world health day on April 7th was major depression. The prominence given to depression reflected recent global statistics. Depression has now become the number one cause of disability globally - in both developed and developing nations. The burden of disease from depression has accelerated, out pacing earlier projections that it would become the lead cause of disability globally by 2030.
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Melbourne startup CNSDose enters one of the world’s largest medical centres to improve the treatment of depression

An Australian medtech startup has entered a four-month accelerator in one of the world’s largest medical centres, after completing the Melbourne Accelerator Program and raising $1 million in 2016.

The Texas Medical Centre in the US spans over 4.6 million square metres, with over 9000 beds across several facilities and 10 million patient encounters a year. Nearly $4 billion ($US3 billion) in construction is underway to further develop the precinct.
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Texas Medical Center Accelerator’s giant digital health cohort includes Australian contingent

In addition to domestic digital health entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark, healthcare accelerators have a lot of appeal for non-U.S. companies seeking to penetrate one of the largest healthcare markets. This cohort includes a handful of health IT and medical device startups from Australia as part of a Biobridge initiative between TMCx and the Health Informatics Society of Australia that functions as an exchange program.
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