Fast-Track Finding the Right Medications for You

Based on advanced genetic guidance, the CNSDose report reduces both trial and error prescribing and time to symptom relief.
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A Common Experience

Medications not working as expected?

Are you tired of trial-and-error prescribing, medication failures or adverse medication reactions?

The Problem
Finding the right medication and dose can take time. Less than 50% of people with depression respond to their first medication, while 30-60% will experience unwanted side effects.
Your Genetics
Your genetic makeup influences the way you respond to medications. CNSDose is a test that analyses 15 genes involved with liver metabolism and a drugs transport into the brain, through the blood-brain barrier.
CNSDose Guidance
CNSDose guides medication dose for people suffering depression, anxiety, ADHD and other mental health disorders, as well as providing medication avoidance alerts based on your genetics.

Why Choose CNSDose?

How our tests help you

With a simple cheek swab, you and your clinician can find better medications faster and reduce the likelihood of side effects.

Pioneering Neuroscience
Our analysis and expertise on how medication enters the brain via the blood-brain barrier helps reduce medication trial and error, increasing your odds of feeling better, faster.
Medication Avoidance Alerts
The CNSDose test provides alerts and warnings for medications commonly used in psychiatry, cardiology, pain management, oncology and primary care.
Informed Conversations
A report based on your DNA results allows you and your doctor to have a more informed discussion about your medication and health.
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What the experts are saying about CNSDose

The Carlat Psychiatry PodcastU.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Health Administration Review (2016)Node Health

CNSDose (Amplis-Evo) has been selected by the University of Melbourne for its clinical study into genetically-guided treatment of severe mood disorder and depression.

Ramsay Health CareeUniversity of Melbourne

The At-Home Test Process

How does it work?

There are three simple steps to the at-home test process.

Order Online

Order the CNSDose test online and receive an easy-to-follow, at-home sample collection kit in the post.

Cheek Swab

Take a simple, quick and pain free cheek swab and return it in the pre-paid envelope (included in the kit) to our laboratory for analysis.

Clinician Check-In

Review the easy-to-understand CNSDose Report with your Clinician to find medications and doses that work best for you.

At-Home Sample Collection Kit

Buy online

The CNSDose test can be purchased online, allowing you to collect your own test sample in the comfort of your home.

A simple cheek swab (no needles)
Analyses 15 key liver & blood-brain barrier genes
Medication & dose recommendations
100% secure
CNSDose comprehensive report

Our Pledge

You are in good hands

We strictly follow government regulations and accreditation standards.

Private & Secure

Rest assured. Your genetic and personal health data is protected under the highest standards of privacy & security.


Our tools have the highest levels of evidence from clinical trials, and the the latest brain science.


The CNSDose report is easy-to-understand and time efficient for busy clinicians.

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Don's mental well-being took a sharp turn for the worst at 35. He tried all kinds of treatments, doctors and in-house programs.

After trying our solution in his sixties, Don's doctor took him off the high dose prescription he'd been on for about thirty years, and made vital medication adjustments.

Today, the 67-year-old veteran is doing well. Don shares his journey and how CNSDose helped on Beyond the Medicine Cabinet.

Beyond the Medicine Cabinet - Podcast (Heidi)

For three decades, Heidi suffered from mental wellness challenges. She tried so many treatments, then, she came across our test.

Now, instead of taking six different medications, Heidi takes only two, and they're effective. That's the power of CNSDose.

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