Amplis™ Report

Amplis™ is a best-in-class decision support tool that guides the treatment of medications across varying specialties, including behavioral health, primary care and geriatric medicine.

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“Of the 3 pharmacogenomics-guided treatment strategies, CNSdose antidepressant guidance has the most favorable preliminary findings.”

Veterans Affairs Health Administration Review

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Promote patient confidence:

Our report provides confidence to the patient with personalized insights.

Shared decision support:

The Amplis report provides a basis for shared decision making between clinicians and their patients.

Focused recommendations:

The Amplis report is designed to be immediately actionable for busy clinicians with focused recommendations.

Tailored to your specialty:

The Amplis report is tailored to your specialty to optimize relevance to your practice.

Clinician benefits

The Amplis Report is a decision support tool for clinicians, based on advanced genetic technologies. The use of this personalized report may assist clinicians in reducing trial and error.

  • Psychiatry
  • Pain
  • Cardiology
  • Diabetes
  • Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology
  • Alzheimer’s
What is included in Amplis?

Genetic and non-genetic guidance

Based on genetics, lifestyle factors, anticholinergic burden, Beers Criteria and more.

Antidepressant guidance

Based on advanced liver and blood-brain barrier metabolism of antidepressant medications.

Diverse medication classes

Including mental health, general medical conditions, co-occurring medical conditions, and polypharmacy issues.

Dynamic portal

Access to a dynamic portal where you can model alternative medication plans in real time.


Amplis™ incorporates best in class neuroscience and genomic insights as evidenced by leading clinical trials and peer reviewed studies.

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How does it work?

Talk to your patient

Discuss the value of Amplis with your patient. You can order the test for them.


Cheek swab

A simple, quick and pain free cheek swab is taken, and then sent to our partner laboratory to assess your patient’s genetics.


Shared decision making

Review the easy-to-understand Amplis™ Report with your patient to find medications and doses that work best for them.